Millions of Indians live with undiagnosed diseases because they cannot afford expensive tests or live far from hospitals and testing centers. Many others suffer from drug-resistant strains of diseases that are not diagnosed in time. We are working to change the situation by developing diagnostic tests that are affordable and accurate, produce rapid results, and do not require sophisticated equipment.  

Our tests will use CRISPR, a breakthrough gene-editing technology. Such tests can diagnose infectious diseases; detect cancers at various stages; identify inherited diseases; and predict genetic disorders before the birth of a child, so that parents can better manage and treat a disease when it occurs.

Over time, we will use CRISPR to improve food safety, help farmers produce more disease resistant and hardier crops, and develop treatments for currently incurable genetic diseases, like sickle cell, which cause immense suffering to millions in India and around the world.

CRISPR-mediated technologies will revolutionise and reshape the world.