Our Vision

Solutions for high impact problems

Innovative applications of CRISPR holds promise to develop solutions for several of these high impact problems.

At CrisprBits, we are taking a novel multidisciplinary approach developing solutions grounded in the CRISPR technology but coupled with other major technological advances in chemistry, computer science and other engineering disciplines. Our goal is to provide a holistic approach to gene editing and translating it to the ground.

Expensive tests

Millions of humans live with undiagnosed diseases because they do not have access or cannot afford expensive tests. 

Drug-resitant strains

Many others suffer from drug-resistant strains where indiscriminate antibiotic use has brought us to the brink of a global healthcare crisis.

Limited access

Break-through technologies such as engineered CAR-T treatment for cancer is not within the reach of majority of cancer patients. 

Alternate options

Alternate non-dairy and non-animal source of milk and meat require a fraction of water and energy compared to the traditional methods; yet they are commercially unviable options in most parts of the world. 

These are all seemingly disconnected problems, but their solutions have something common at the core: Effective and intelligent use of gene-editing.
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