CRISPR services

CrisprBits is your solution for swift, budget-friendly, and precise genome editing services harnessing the capabilities of CRISPR technology.

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Communicable diseases affect low and middle income countries disproportionately, often the most vulnerable population (children, pregnant women, elderly and immunocompromised), living in low resource settings.

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Climate Change

While the applications of CRISPR in healthcare has been termed “disruptive”, an equally compelling area for research is in exploring applications on addressing climate change problems.

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CAR- T therapy heralds a new and innovative approach to cancer immunotherapy. The core concept is to reprogram a patient’s T cells externally with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) that are then transfused back into the patient.

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Basic Research

CRISPR genome editing technology has allowed scientists to perform a number of complex experiments with speed and accuracy more than ever before.

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