About CrisprBits

We are one of the first Indian companies using CRISPR to develop high-quality healthcare solutions that all Indians can afford.

CrisprBits was started by entrepreneurs and scientists with extensive industry and academic experience, including in the biological sciences. We have prior experience in developing diagnostic solutions, precision medicine and clinical-research solutions that are used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in India and around the world.

We are motivated by three guiding principles: using deep science to deliver high quality products; adhering to the highest ethical standards, including in the choice of products we offer; and developing an organization that draws exceptional individuals with diverse backgrounds and affinities.

We have offices in Delhi and Bengaluru. Our lab is located in C-CAMP, a premier incubator for biotechnology innovation in Bengaluru.

Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition


G-KnowMe Consulting, a team of Life Science and Informatics consultants, provides technical and regulatory support to the research and product development programs at CrisprBits.

Our CRISPR-based diagnostic tests will be far simpler than existing tests. They will Allow Physicians, Hospitals And Clinics Across India to Provide Better Care to All their patients.