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Congratulations to Dr. Reety Arora, Senior Scientist and Head of R&D at CrisprBits for being one of the winners of AMR-Quest 2023, conducted by C-CAMP, in their hunt for cutting edge solutions and technology for mitigating antimicrobial resistance. The award will support our proprietary CRISPR-based PathCrisp through its accelerator program, to translate AMR detection at point of care and make these tests market ready.

CrisprBits enters into an exciting strategic partnership with MolBio diagnostics, a global pioneer in point of care testing.

CrisprBits has developed OmiCrisp, a CRISPR- based test to detect SARS-CoV2 and to determine whether it is an Omicron or non-omicron variant.

CrisprBits has raised $250,000 in Pre-seed funding from US-based VJ Group. The funding will be used towards product development, team expansion and for research and development.


CrisprBits has received a grant from GiveIndia and Crypto Relief for adaptation of OmiCrisp to environmental surveillance.

CrisprBits has been awarded MiniSMART Bio-CPS Grant from the BITS BioCyTiH Foundation for building a frontline deployable detection and screening test for Sickle Cell Anaemia.


The following manuscript describes our CRISPR based test for the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2.
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