Our Team

ShriGouri Patil

ShriGouri Patil is a life science researcher with experience in protein and molecular science.

During her Master’s in Bimoedical genetics, she studied long lasting effects of ealy life nutrition stress on adult Fruit-fly. Her objective was to understand the importance of a balanced diet during development.

Further to understand the mechanism of emerging insecticide ressiatnce in mosquitoes. She was involved in studying mutations in Voltage Gated Sodium Channels (VGSC) and expressed these VGSCs to study the interaction between insecticides and ion channels.

Before joining CrisprBits, she was part of the fly facility in NCBS. Wherein she was associated with the molecular aspect of strategizing and creating transgenic flies using tools like CRISPR.

She believes in working towards contributing to benefit the society, which drew her to be part of CrisprBits.

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