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Nancy (Misri) Khardori

Nancy (Misri) Khardori (MD, PhD, Infectious Diseases at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center) is Medical Director for infectious Diseases in the Solid Organ Transplant Program at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, Norfolk, Virginia, and has appointments in the Department of Medicine and the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

She specializes in the management of complicated and complex infections, for example in patients with bone marrow and organ transplants, cancers, HIV/AIDS, injection drug use and implanted medical devices. Over four decades, Dr. Khardori has published extensively on the management of infections related to medical devices, microbial adherence to devices and tissues, and medical biofilms; about the causes and management of antimicrobial resistance; and about the efficacy and safety of novel antibacterial and antifungal drugs, several of which are now commonly used.

Dr. Khardori was the Medical for Infection Prevention/Control and Antibiotic stewardship at three major teaching hospitals in the US and twenty-eight hospitals in the Illinois State Public Health System. She was Chair of the Immunization Advisory Board for the State of Illinois for over a decade, and a major player in making chicken pox vaccine mandatory for children.

Earlier, her research at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center led to the now common use of Liposomal Amphotericin B for serious fungal infections; and her work during advanced con focal microscopy training at the Institute for Biofilm Engineering led to the development of a specially treated central venous catheter (marketed by Cook Inc) that is used with patients highly susceptible to infections. Dr. Khardori has chaired the CME committee of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin and organized CME programs at various institutions in US and India.

Dr. Khardori is a graduate of Govt. Medical College, Srinagar, and a postgraduate in Microbiology and Immunology from AIIMS, New Delhi. She completed post-doctoral fellowship at Southern Illinois University and obtained training in clinical medicine (infectious diseases subspecialty) from UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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