CrisprBits - Innovating for Human Well-Being

CrisprBits is one of the first Indian companies using CRISPR, a breakthrough gene-editing technology, to develop high-quality healthcare solutions that all Indians can afford.  

We are presently using CRISPR to develop diagnostic tests for serious diseases. The tests will be as accurate as the best available today, but simpler, faster and more affordable. They will require no specialized equipment and will be as easy to use in remote facilities as in advanced laboratories and hospitals.

About CrisprBits

CrisprBits was started by experienced entrepreneurs and scientists with the purpose of developing products that use CRISPR technology to improve the lives of all Indians. 

CRISPR Applications

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Infectious diseases. Inherited diseases. Cancer. Predicting genetic diseases.

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Animals and cell models

Understanding disease. Aiding drug discovery.


Disease resistance. Drought tolerance. More yield. Less spoilage. Better nutrition and taste.

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Cleaner fuels. Less environmental impact.

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Gene editing. Gene silencing.

Industrial uses

Probiotic culture. Immunize industrial culture and food.


Bacteria use CRISPR to protect themselves against invading viruses. Adapting CRISPR to precisely locate and edit DNA will dramatically change the way we diagnose and treat many serious diseases.