PathCrisp v1 – A comprehensive testing system

Frontline detection of infectious pathogens including AMR genes.

The first version, PathCrisp, will address the identification of infectious pathogens and AMR genes in the intensive care unit (ICU). PathCrisp is an intelligent system that combines CRISPR technology for identifying drug-resistant bacterial infections with machine learning to recommend treatment. It is a small and inexpensive medical device, presently under development. Intended for hospital use, it will use CRISPR gene editing and machine learning to rapidly — and accurately — identify what bacteria or virus the patient is infected with and if there is any antibiotic resistance gene. The core of the device is CRISPR on microfluidics aided by reinforcement learning and full stack informatics support.

PathCrisp consists of four key modules

  • An automated sample extractor
  • Microfluidic cartridge with customizable multiplexed CRISPR assay.
  • An informatics module that utilizes deep learning based assessment of patients fo rthe right choice of antibiotics
  • Informatics full stack support for electronic delivery of test results (to doctors, nurses, nursing stations) and cloud based analytics.

PathCrisrp will work with multiple specimens, including blood, urine, swabs and bronchial lavage. WIth CRISPR assays built on microfluidic platforms, it will accurately identify the infection profile and antibiotic resistance profile in a few hours. The informatics module will seamlessly integrate with hospital information systems and collect patient specific information as well as ward and hospital related information, combine with the information from the instrument and use deep learning models to predict the infectious agent and probable choice of antibiotics for treatment. Immediately upon the completion of a test, the results will be remotely delivered to the authorizing physicians and nurses, in the hospital system.

Subsequently, the system will evolve to be used at the frontline of several diagnostic settings such as doctor’s clinic and primary health care clinics. It will progress for automated information capture and review, monitor status of the wards in the hospital and forecast outbreaks.

PathCrisp logo

PathCrisp is intended to play a crucial role in timely diagnosis of infections and provide decision support for balancing the right choice of antibiotics.


Medical devices

We are collaborating with some of the leading companies in India in the engineering technological services of medical device and leading microfluidics experts, to integrate our assays and bring them to point of care and push diagnostics to the remotest corners of India.


G-KnowMe, is a new-age precision health informatics company developing solutions and services for better clinical and biological inference. CrisprBits partnership is integrating their PathCrisp point of care solutions with the patient data capture and analytics workflows at G-KnowMe to provide meaningful insights into hospital acquired infections. Collaborations with other companies who are pioneers in AI/ML is being explored.
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