Our Team

Annes Siiji

Annes is a Life science researcher with experience in the fields of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

In the past year, she has worked at the Stuttgart University, where she was involved in understanding the role of ID3 gene, which encodes a helix-loop-helix protein that binds to other helix-loop-helix proteins to form a heterodimer, thus inhibiting DNA binding.

She also investigated the interaction of certain transcription factors with the ID3 gene and their effects.
During her doctoral research, she looked into the spectrum of gene variants associated with Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome specifically in Indian children. Additionally, she investigated the effect of TNFα on human podocytes in various nephrotic syndrome clinical subgroups to identify subgroup specific TNF alpha expression.

She believes that it would be an achievement for her to contribute to the pool of knowledge on the basis of which policies can be designed and changes can happen especially in the healthcare industry. This has always been her motivation towards life science research.

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